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Tour of the Nautilus Two

Cabin deck
Main deck
Sun deck

We want to be sure that you feel 100% at home on your island cruise, so we have built cabins larger than any other safari boat (up to 25 m2).  All 12 cabins are identically furnished with a king-sized bed double bed and a king-sized single bed.  Cabins are never occupied by more than 2 guests.  Ten cabins are located on the lower deck and two on the upper deck. 

Each cabin has a porthole facing the sea and a deck hatch that can be opened.  This allows for very good ventilation and plenty of fresh air.  In addition, all cabins are furnished with their own climate control unit, and each have a spacious bath with seaside window.  Each bath is equipped with vanity, shower and toilet.  One bath towel per person is provided.

There is plenty of storage room under the beds for things like your emptied suitcases and bags.  There's also lots of storage areas for books, cameras, etc. and your clothes can be hung in a dresser complete with clothes hangers.  In addition, the sponsons provide room for storage and a desk is at your disposal for writing any notes you wish.