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Safety on board

2 life vests are located under your bed or in the wardrobe. A smoke detector is on the ceiling.

There are 2 extinguishers at both ends of the corridor. The emergency exit with a ladder is located in the front of the corridor.   

Upperdeck / Salon:
20 life vests are in the saloon above the base unit. Also a extinguisher is located in the saloon and the kitchen, one each.

There is a first aid box in the saloon on the wall. Below you will find a 3 ltr oxygen tank with a DAN – demand regulator and also a 50 ltr oxygen tank with free flow regulator in a DAN-box.  

Please find the emergency plan on the wall in the saloon.

Dive dhoni:
There are 35 live vests on the dhoni above the overhead storage and 2 extinguishers in the front cabin.

One the wall beside the staircase there is a 3 ltr oxygen bottle with free flow system and another 50 ltr oxygen tank in the front cabin.

There is a decompression chamber on the island Bandos and on Kuramathi.

 Important Phone Numbers:

DAN Bandos
DAN Bandos Clinic Manager Mohamed 7771392
DAN Bandos Island 6640088
DAN Bandos Doctor 7772783
DAN Clinic Ali 7796093
DAN Kuramathi Island 6660527
Maldivian Air Taxi 3315201
TMA 3312444
Apex Marine Hassan 9901234 / 7778021
Apex Marine 3312733
Grand Marine 7796644
Souvenir Marine 3325893
COAST GUARD 191 / 3325981