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Diving in the Maldives

Dives are run from our diving dhoni and accompanied by two professional diving guides.

Discover the beautiful underwater world of the Maldives on a dive off the Nautilus Two.  Every dive is a new adventure!

No diving destination offers more large fish, fish schools, colorful reef fish, a wider variety of underwater landscapes or better diving services.  The water temperature is 28°C on a yearly average and visibility can be as much as 50 meters.

Let our experienced crew bring you to the best diving spots and dive into the world of the coral reef; home of many colorful reef fish, tortoises, skates, schools of fish, sharks, mantas, whale sharks and many other interesting forms of life.

Enjoy the highest level of comfort and safety on our professionally-led dives. And when you emerge from the water, a tropical island world with unbelievably white sands and turquoise lagoons awaits you... along with the Nautilus Two, of course.

Non-divers will also be amazed by the crystal clear water and multi-colored underwater world while snorkelling!