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The traditional ship of the Maldives... the ubiquitous Dhoni. Built for transport, fishing or to accompany safari boats... without the Dhoni, the Maldives would be lost!

Our Diving Dhoni

Diving Dhoni
Diving Dhoni

No one knows the way to the most beautiful reefs and the best diving places better than our professional diving guides and the experienced crew of our diving dhoni.

You can prepare for your next diving adventure on our spacious boat.  Our diving guide will accompany you during the dive and will direct you to the best spots.  Enjoy the beautiful underwater world of the Maldives!

The dhoni will always remain nearby and will pick you up once you resurface from your dive.  Your diving equipment will be safely stored on the diving dhoni during your entire trip. You can even allow your tank, jacket and diving regulator to be assembled for you throughout the safari.  A plastic box is available to every diver for the remaining dive equipment.

Technical Data and Equipment:

Length: 23 m
Width: 7 m
Draught: 1.5 m 
Yanmar 160 hp turbo-diesel
Freshwater - shower
Tanks: 26, 12 L Aluminium with Din/Int Connector 
Weight belts and weights available free for usage
Rental equipment can be organized upon request. 
Safety: Life preservers, med. oxygen, first aid kit