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Not just for divers!

Nautilus Two also offers services for snorkelers, fishers or simply lovers of the sun.

Other Activities

Alongside diving there are other activities you can enjoy on board the Nautilus Two during your Maldive Island vacation.

  • Relax in the Whirlpool in the sun - or on a shaded deck.  Enjoy a fresh fruity cocktail or just stretch out and relax.
  • Visit each of the Tourist Resorts
  • Experience a picnic on the beach one evening on an uninhabited island.
  • Take the opportunity to visit Maldivian people on their islands and see how they live.  There are also inexpensive shopping possibilities.
  • Accompany the crew while night fishing and try your luck at rod fishing.
  • Swim in an isolated lagoon, snorkel or just walk on the beach.
  • When the Nautilus Two arrives in Malé at the end of your trip, you will have the opportunity to visit the city and shop.