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F-One Kite Camp with Kite Pro Jule Hosp in the Maldives

Jule Hosp ist one of the world's most famous kite surfers.

After finishing his kite instructor education, Jule dove fully into pro sports. Julian Hosp has been sailing the kite for the past eight years, three and a half years of these competing in the top ten range of the world cup series. In 2005, Jule turned into a kite professional on the payroll of F-One, the well-known kite equipment brand.

With a track record of numerous photo shootings, promotions and kite camps around the globe, he now is heading two kite camps aboard the Nautilus Two in the Maldives.

Photos by Harald Hois

  • Kite pro Jule Hosp in front of the Nautilus One and Nautilus Two vessels (photo by Harald Hois)
  • Julian Hosp
  • Jule Hosp in the Maldives
  • Julian Hosp - kite surfer
  • Kite pro Jule Hosp
  • Kite surfing with Julian Hosp

The Maldive archipelago in the Indian ocean sports best kite surfing conditions from May to October, with wind speeds around 20 knots.

As an absolute novelty, safari vessel Nautilus Two offers the opportunity to call at the best spots with varying difficulty levels during a ten-day kite safari. The spots will be adjusted to adapt to the attendant's capabilities and weather conditions - top-notch surfing fun is guaranteed!

Prerequisite: Run safe heights as certain spots lack a beach to run height.

Maximum attendants: 12 persons