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Travel information

Travel Information

Conditions of entry:
Austrian and German citizens need a passport, which must be still valid for another 6 month on the day of departure. With arrival at the airport a visa is issued free of charge for 30 days. Please note, that Maldives strict import regulations do not allow the import of alcohol, pork meat and pornographic literature!

There is no social insurance contract between European countries and Maldives. We would recommend a private insurance at least for emergency / illness and diving accident.

There is no vaccination prescribed. We recommend however the examination of your Tetanus vaccination as well as the Hepatitis A. Ask your doctor before departure. Further information you will also find on our website on infolink

National currency is the Maldivian Rufiyaa. Euro 1 is approx 20,- MRF / 1 US$ is 15,42 MRF . The export and import of the national currency is forbidden. On the Vessel and also on the tourist islands the preferably payment is foreign exchange, in Euro and US Dollar. (credit cards are accepted on the Vessel - Visa, Master Card and American Express) - due to high expenses with credit cards, cash in EURO is preferred, GBP will also be accepted.

Local time:
Summer time: MEZ + 3 h
Winter time   MEZ + 4 h

Ticket reconfirmation:
At the moment, Qatar Airways and Emirates don’t require the reconfirmation of return flight tickets. In case of any change, you will be informed on the spot and we please ask you then to hand your ticket to our agency member on arrival and he will reconfirm your flights. Anyway, you are always responsible for your reconfirmation.  

Arrival and Transfer:
A crew-member will pick you up at the Male-Airport – with a Nautilus sign in his hands - and accompany you to the ship. In case you do not arrive with a group, respectively you did not book a group-tour and/or if the ship is already on tour when you arrive, a transfer by speedboat or water plane has to be organized for you. You will be informed immediately by booking, if this is necessary. You will find the extra charges on your booking confirmation. In this case, you will be picked up at the airport and brought to the next transfer spot (dhoni, speedboat or seaplane port. There is no entitlement to a specific transport!

Tickets and Vouchers:
You will receive your tickets and vouchers after complete payment about two weeks before departure. Important information about Maldives and life on board will be enclosed.


For diving we use our special diving-dhoni (Maldivian vessel). The diving equipment will stay on the dhoni. As we built a special rack, the dive tank, the buoyancy compensator device and the regulator can stay mounted together for the whole time of your holiday, expect when we are crossing the atolls. For the rest of your equipment you will find a basket under your seat. We provide 12 litre and 13,8 litre tanks with DIN and INT connection. So you will NOT need an adapter. Weights and belts are also available. You will have to bring the rest of the diving equipment with you. As you will dive in areas with strong current EVERY diver MUST have a current surface marker buoy.

We assume experience – at least 30 dives - according to the conditions. Our dive guide and dive instructor are authorized to keep away a diver of diving if he or she is not in the condition for the coming up dive. This dive is not compensable.

Please do not forget to bring your logbook and your diving-license and be sure to have a valid dive sport medical examination because these will be checked by your dive guide.

We offer several courses on board: From “Advanced OWD” (approx. 220,-- Euros) to “Nitrox” etc. These courses should be booked before departure.

With arrival in the morning there is a check dive in the afternoon. Arrivals noon and later will have their first dive on the next day. From the next day, we provide maximum 3 dives per day, when crossing atoll, we offer two day dives and one night dive, subject to the weather conditions. The decision will be done by the captain. If we do whale shark watching (takes 3 – 4 hours) – depends on the weather and season conditions, there will only be two dives on this day. One dive only on the day before departure day (early morning dive) – without any exceptions!!! Diving under influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

We use NITROX 1 (EAN 32) for safety reasons (variation on altitude because of strong current). We offer prepaid packages at Euro 66,- per week. Please register when you are booking. Single Nitrox dives will be offered at Euro 5,- each, payable on the spot.

Attention: A NITROX Diver certificate is required, its also possible to make a Course on board. / Please book in advance!!

The 12 large cabins are equipped with a king size beds each and an additional single bed. So every cabin can be booked as twin and double (exception: cabin 5,7,12,13).  The occupancy of the cabins will be arranged automatically on booking. Changes may be made on board in agreement with the other passengers. If you wish to have a special cabin, please let us know when booking. There is full time air-conditioning on the vessel with an individual controller in each cabin but it may be turned off for several hours. On arrival you will find further information about the ship and safety conditions on board in the cabins.

To bring along:
Beside the diving equipment we recommend swimming articles, bath towels, headband, sun protection and a tracksuit for in the evening. If you liked to sleep on deck under the starlit sky, a lighter sleeping bag would be advisable. Couch mats are on board. Laundry clips for hanging up the wet bath laundry are likewise helpful.

Food supply on board is best ensured. Full board (noon and evening buffet). Please note, that you should drink enough in the Maldives  -  no alcohol preferably naturally! Our chef is always trying to cook a varied meal to charms in his little kitchen. You should consider the fact, that nearly everything, except sea fruits and coconut product, is imported and must be carried on. Naturally also sometimes this can lead to shortages.

Our bar man is pleased to care for your well-being. He supplies you with freshly draft BEER, long-drinks, cocktails, wine, soft drinks, freshly pressed juices etc.. Each guest will have his drinks put on his own account, which you receive all two or three days to confirm. Our price includes water from the machine, tee and instant coffee. Espresso will be charged.

Current supply:
220 Volts of 24 hours - no adapter necessary for Austrian/German plugs (two pin) and we also have some Britain (tree pin) plugs on board. A loading station is in the salon. Please under any circumstances do not load your devices in the cabs – safety regulations – risk of fire!

Our vessel is extraordinarily large, however you are on a ship, on which TEAM SPIRIT - FRIENDSHIP and family atmosphere is important.

Bathing and sunbathing:
We would ask you not to jump into the water as long as the engines run. Please ask our captain if swimming is safe before entering the water (currents). After bathing we politely ask to not enter the salon with wet bath clothing as it is equipped with carpet and padding. Of course we will have bath-towels, but they are limited for cabin use so we recommend to bring some own bath-towels along. Also laundry clips for hanging up the damp bath laundry is recommendable!

Fresh water:
For water purification we have got two desalination plants to make 10 ton a day and an additional 8 ton day use tank. Please consider that everything must be prepared, so we appreciate the economical use of fresh water.

There are two whirlpools on board of Nautilus Two. They are located on the sun deck and on the main deck. The crew will be pleased to fill them for you, just ask for it. As the vessel is constant in motion, it is impossible to leave the whirlpool constantly filled with seawater.
Attention: The whirpool on the sundeck is out of order; we are not able to repair this unit before May 2012. Thank you for your understanding.

Medical care:
There are two emergency boxes on board. One is located on the wall in the saloon, the other one (small hand box) on the Dhoni. There is also a 50 litre oxygen tank with regulator and a DAN-box on board. If necessary please ask the captain or dive guide.
The decompression chamber under medical supervision is located on the island Bandos, the public Hospital is in Male.


Departure is until 09:00 latest! It might be even earlier due to new arrivals!

Arrivals are almost always on a Tuesday, departures on a Monday. As the crew has to clean the ship and stow the supply for the next trip, clients have to depart until 09.00 AM. With extra costs we offer the following facility:

After your breakfast around 08.00 AM you get a transfer to Hulule Airport Hotel. Here you have the convenience to use the pool, shower and the luggage room. We also order lunch for you at the restaurant. Of course the transfer from/to the airport and also to/from Male for shopping is included. So you enjoy a pleasant last day in Male.

This service will not be provided if your departure is in the morning or if  you have booked an island connection holiday.

The possibility of a day use room is given with a surcharge (daily rates).

Connection stay:
In case you have booked a connection stay on an island, be sure to read the booking information on your contract. You must be aware, that we are only agent for this service. The organizer is expressed in the contract. This service is subject to the conditions of the organizer and we are only agent in terms of the applicable travel law.
Please also note that seaplane transfer will usually not take more than 20 kg luggage free of charge. You might have to pay extra charge per kilo on the spot.

Address and phone number  on the Maldives:
Mobile Phones are not always working on the Maldives. In urgent cases you or your relatives can pass a message via our office. If mobile phones do not work, marine radio service will be used. Tell our address to your relatives. We are not allowed to provide information about your booking but we can pass on important information to you.
Address on the Maldives: Nautico Maldives Pvt Ltd, G. Ranauraa Villa, Saharaa Magu, Male
Nautico Maldives telephone: 00 960 331 5253

Tips are the confirmation for good services on board. Many customers ask us again and again, for any regulation, so we would like to inform you about the usual tip regulation hereby:
There is no regulation like on cruising ships. We recommend to give as much as you think the crew has done for it. Tips are on the Maldives, as also in many other countries (e.g. the USA) a part of the content, but of course, the decision is yours.
At the end of the journey you will get a tip cover. Please give it to the captain, or in addition, your may give your tip at the beginning of the journey. It will be divided on all crew members. Cordial thanks! Should something not meet your satisfaction, we ask to contact the captain IMMEDIATELY so he can help directly.

In case of inconvenience:
Should the service not be what you have booked, the customer is obligated to point out immediately to a representative of our company (the captain or dive guide) to give the possibility to find a solution. If it is not possible to find remedy on the spot, the customer is obligated to have his complaint confirmed and forward it to us after his return. If the customer omits this assistance, it may reduce his warranty claims.

Travel conditions:
This service is subject to the conditions of the professional association of travel agencies which you will find enclosed. Please note the increased cancellation charge for diving trips.